How to make a good descriptive text?

The descriptive text is marked by the proposal of being a portrait of people, objects or scenes. Thus, this type of text is a kind of photograph of the object described.

Besides the physical characteristics, the reader is encouraged to understand through the use of all the senses: touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell.

According to what will be described, the reader is led to understand also the psychological and inner characteristics of the object.


  • It is imperative that the reader has as much information as possible about the object described and not only the enumeration of characteristics. That is, who will describe must exhaust the object, but maintain consistency.

Understand the Descriptive Sequence

You need to use nouns that allow you to identify traces of what is described.

The object is described by adjectives and adverbial locutions with the function of adnominal or predicative adjunct.

Tips and Examples

Use adjectives to detail the object described:

  • The central plateau descends, on the southern coasts, on steep slopes, high and steep. Whistled the seas; and unties in plateaus leveled by the vises of the maritime mountain ranges. But when it descends to the northern lands it gradually decreases in altitude, at the same time as it descends to the east coast in stages, or repeated terraces, which strip it of the primitive grandeur and move it considerably inland.

Demonstrate the object described by using binding verbs:

  • It was possible to know its age, its origin, its history.

Try to use the verbs in the imperfect tense and in the present tense to describe scenes:

  • A little tired, with the purchases deforming the new knitting bag, Ana got on the tram. He set the volume on his lap and the tram began to move. She leaned back on the bench for comfort, in a sigh of half satisfaction.

Use metaphors and comparisons that allow the interlocutor to have more elements to elaborate the mental image of what is described:

  • The gestures, calm, sovereign, were of a king – the exalted autocrat of syllabaries;
  • the hieratic pause of the floor made him feel the effort, at each step, that he made to push forward the progress of public education;
  • the gleaming look, under the rough twisting of the Japanese monster’s eyebrows, penetrating the surrounding souls of light-it was the education of the intelligence;
  • the severely scraped chin from ear to ear reminded of the smoothness of clean conscience-it was moral education.