How to make a good essay – step by step

To make the best writing of your life, the most important thing is to eliminate the idea that writing is very complicated.

Writing a text is nothing more than thinking about a theme and organizing your ideas about it.

Think, for example, that you will present a seminar at school, or give a talk. Of course before that, you will reflect on the theme and how it will be presented. And, in what ways the information should be exposed so that the people who are watching understand about it.

That being said, doing a writing follows the same logic, ie it is important to know about the topic and organize all the information taking into account the grammar rules.

This is because the oral text is different from the written one. In a writing, for example, we should use paragraphs, punctuation and know very well the meaning of the words.

So here are some essential tips for producing good, cohesive, cohesive text. Good job!

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First of all, you should focus on the subject being proposed or the teacher, in the entrance exam, or in a contest. The subject, therefore, is the subject that will be dealt with.

Generally, in this type of evaluation, you have a limit of words and / or paragraphs. So be aware of that.

As for the subject, you must first reflect on it, that is, what information you have on this subject, or if you still need more research. Making a sketch and listing key points is a good way to start.

To think about the subject, we can question ourselves with some questions and by answering them we can already glimpse our knowledge about the subject and still, our opinion.

Text Production

Moving from the first stage of gathering information and data on the topic that will be written, we enter the moment of production.

This is a very important stage where the draft of the enumeration of the main points will gradually become paragraphs.


  • Theme: Violence in Schools
  • Title: The problems and solutions of violence in schools

Violence in schools occurs among students or even with teachers. These problems have often occurred nowadays. Bullying cases are examples that have generated violence in schools.

In addition, students’ lack of respect for their superiors, whether teachers or principals, has generated a wave of violence in and out of schools.

This lack of limits is something very noticeable in the educational centers of US, especially in public schools.

Note that here, what was put in the initial draft has been transformed into several paragraphs. Of course the idea should be expanded, be it with examples, data, or something that is relevant and that contemplates solutions to the problems proposed.

Text Organization

More than knowing how to produce a text, we must take into account its organization. Thus ideas and phrases need to have a logical sequence. One important feature that needs to be stressed is cohesion.

With it, we use the connectives so that ideas do not get loose and that the text is not just a tangle of sentences.

Terms such as “thus”, “however”, “this”, “but”, etc. are used to provide the text with a greater connection between phrases and ideas.

In addition to cohesion, coherence is very important and is linked to textual logic, meaning the meaning of the text. In this way, it facilitates the understanding of the message that will be transmitted.

The important thing is not to be contradictory, ambiguous or redundant. Certainty about information is also very important.

So if you have doubt or do not know for sure about certain information, do not put it in the text. Make sure everything is being written, so you do not make that mistake.

Types of Texts

Another important point is to know the type of text that you must produce, for example: narration, description or dissertation.

Although they have their singles, they all have a similar organization: introduction, development and conclusion.

Structure of the Essay

The writing should follow this order so that the ideas are well organized:


In the introduction, we will point out what will be written throughout the text. It should not be too long (3 paragraphs at most), however, it should contain the main ideas that will be discussed.


In turn, development is the longest part of the text that can be written in up to five paragraphs. In it, we will delve into what will be discussed.

At this point, we can use argumentation and counter argument, in order to show two paths and opinions on the topic (pros and cons). This will all be better defined at the conclusion.


Finally, the conclusion, which should also not be too long (at most three paragraphs) you should focus on how to unite all ideas and also, propose a solution. In this phase, creativity is very important.

Text reading

Finally, it is important to read the text, and if possible, out loud. That’s because with the final reading you can identify errors of agreement, lack of punctuation (for example, commas) or even something that needs improvement in your text.