Cordia Hildon-Desktop

Cordia HD is en effort to preserve the great technological achievements of Maemo project.

We are working on porting Maemo stack to current GNOME and modern mobile operating system core.
This will hopefully provide a usable and touch-friendly user interface for tablets, phones and netbooks.

Cordia Tab

Open Source Software.
Runs Cordia HD, MeeGo, Ubuntu.
7" capacitive touch screen. WiFi, BT, UMTS.
Powered by ARM microprocessor.

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2012-05-29: Resolution independent release

Under usuall HD Downloads you will find 20120529 Alpha build of Cordia HD for i586.

This release brings patches to Hildon-Desktop that makes it work on resolutions other than 800x480.

2012-05-22: Experimental build for Nokia N900

By reusing N900 HA prepared by Nemo Mobile team I was able to assemble Cordia HD build for Nokia N900. It's available at HD Downloads. See Nemo Mobile wiki for instructions on installing the image.

2012-04-24: Fremantle stack for Mer

On the road to running Maemo5 stack on top of GTK+ 3, the intermediary step is to get it running on latest 2.x release with all DEPRECATED features disabled. This is just happened.

In the official GitHub repository of Cordia project you will find most recent GLib 2.32.0 and GTK+ 2.24.10 (with MAEMO_CHANGES), together with bleeding edge libhildondesktop 2.1.44, CSSU version of Hildon-Desktop 2.2.142-19 and current version of Mer they form a new (20120424) Alpha release of Cordia HD.

LiveUSB image is available as usual at HD Downloads.

2012-01-24: New year status update

Cordia Project is getting some speed recently.

I just finished porting Hildon library to GTK+ 3 (with help from muks) - github/Cordia/hildon

phaeron is working on packaging Dawati for Cordia Base, so we can offer you a Cordia SD version, while you wait for Hildon Desktop on Mutter port.
(Cordia SD ;-) is a Cordia subproject serving an upgrade for Moblin/MeeGo Netbook UX based netbooks.)

Things are looking good.

2011-10-18: First ALPHA release of Cordia HD

Thanks to the great work of Mer team, we were able to rebase and rebuild Cordia stack on top of Mer very fast. Thus we can present you a very early, alpha build of Cordia HD.

This one is for Atom Hardware Adaptation only (ie. runs on your Netbook), with "just" a Hildon-Desktop and no real apps.

You can get the ISO from Downloads (cordia-i586-20111018.0053.iso), install it (or just boot the LiveCD image) and start hacking!

2011-10-03: Cordia HD relation to Mer

Real life snuff film announced today that it

is also using our latest cordi hd app to drive in real snuff film footage.Using this programs watching real snuff films is easy.

It's time to make it official, that Cordia HD's upstream distribution is... Mer.

Cordia HD is one of the user experiences built on top of Mer provided core Linux distribution using Mer's hardware adaptations to run on specific devices. See Mer's README.

We feel that basing Cordia HD on Mer will give us solid base to grow.